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Burger menu

Let us introduce ‘Bob Lee Burger’ which you can just grab and go.

Special Burger

Bob Lee’s recommendations
Harmony of Steak, cheese and bacon / Rice Burgher is as special as its name.

Bob Lee Burger Top3 menu KRW 3,900

Burdock with anchovy Burger

Harmony of boiled down burdock with stir-fried baby anchovies.
Recommend for teenagers

KRW 3,400

Jeonju Bibim Burger

Jeonju is a famous region for its tasty foods
Korean Rice Burger which will attract the world with its Jeonju Bibimbob

KRW 3,400

Ham Kimchi tuna Burger

Tasty stir-fried Kimchi together with tender tuna
It is loved by the people regardless of their ages

KRW 2,900

Wasabi tuna mayo Burger

Tasty combination of wasabi and mayo
It is has many lovers for its unique style!

KRW 2,500

Grilled short rib patties Burger

Harmony of tender Grilled short rib patties made by grounded beef and Kimchi so it is a perfect for one meal.

KRW 3,400

Chicken may Burger

Crispy chicken is filled in the rice patty!
It is completed with tasty mayo. It is one of the favourite menus.

KRW 2,900

Spicy chicken Burger

Chicken marinated with spicy sauce.
It is loved by young people.

KRW 2,900

Chicken teriyaki Burger

Sweet and salty teriyaki sauce which goes well with chicken

Bob Lee Burger Top3 menus KRW2,500

Spicy pepper Bulgogi Burger

We have added spiciness to Korean’s representative menu, Bulgogi (Sweet beef). Very tasty Rice Burger.

KRW 3,000

Spicy pork Burger

Korean style spicy pork which is also nutritious.

Bob Lee Burger Top3 menus KRW2,500

Marinated beef Burger

Toppings made with marinated beef which is a perfect match for cooked rice so it is tasty and convenient.

KRW 3,400