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Franchise process

Let us introduce ‘Bob Lee Burger’ which you can just grab and go.

Franchise process

Please be informed of franchise process of Bob Lee Burger


Bob Lee Burger is the item offers health and convenience at the same time by replacing buns with cooked rice.

High profit with small capital
High profit is expected with innovative healthy food item by using familiar consumption concept. In addition, high profit can be generated from small capital as it doesn’t require lots of facilities. Customer oriented business The topping sauces provided are made by unique material conservation technology and preservatives and artificial additives are not used to promote the health of customers and same tastes are guaranteed in every store.
Franchisees oriented business
Rice Burger can quickly made by using rice cooking machine. Labor costs can be saved by provided sauces and machine comparing to other franchise. Sustainable business. Customers can be maintained with unique and well-being food of reasonable price through continuous menu development.
Various combinations
It is a Korean food but it is a western burger at the same time so it is very profitable. It goes very well with other foods such as drinks, coffee or ice cream.