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Company introduction

Let us introduce ‘Bob Lee Burger’ which you can just grab and go.

Grab Eat Burger

We have added convenience to health.

Instant food manufacturing factory for school meals (1986~88)
Selling processed hamburger to distribution lines in Daegu and Gyeongbuk area. Providing hamburgers and sandwiches as a school meals to 4 different elementary schools.

Developed the first Chinese food franchise brand for the first time in Korea and operating it (Brand name: Wang Seobang) (1987)

Developed noodles and dumplings franchise (Brand name: Matsarang) and operating it (1988~98)
Currently there are about 500 franchises.

Providing institutional food service and distributing food ingredients. (1991~98)
Managing around 20 food services on contract (enterprise, school and hospital) including LG fashion (Anyang) and distributing food ingredients.

Developed sauces for Korean soup and rice toppings and operating manufacturing factory (1993~2000)
- Developed concentrated soups such as Spicy beef soup or Beef soup / Distributing to 5,000 restaurants throughout the nation / Exported soups to Japan, America and Canada / Exclusively supplied rice toppings to press center in 1993 Daejeon Expo / Developed frozen chicken soup for microwave for the first time in Korea. Exported to Japan (1999)

Operating manufacturing factory for Bibimbob and frozen rice cup (2000~present)
Developed frozen processing technology (material conservation technology)

Established total food ingredients trading company (Asia Pacific food total ingredients trading company Corp) (2009 ~ Present)
Exporting Korean food ingredients to Singapore, Indonesia and more

Developed auto vending machine for cooked rice Kfood rice vending Corp (2011 ~ Present)

Developed Bob Lee Burher and established Antenna shop in Gaeppo-dong, Seoul (Mar, 2013)

Singed MOU contract with Australian company called MAKWUR (May, 2014)

Signed Master franchise contract with Chinese company named JIANGSHAN (Jul, 2014)

Contracted manufacturing factory for frozen rice (Yangju, Gyeonggi) (Aug, 2014)